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Our investment strategy is designed around the principles of diversification and dictates that we own many different asset classes in a portfolio. We do not subscribe to either a "buy and hold" or a "trading" strategy, however we do employ an approach called "Tactical Asset Allocation" (TAA). Our portfolio allocations evolve as necessary when economic and market conditions change.


While our portfolios consist mainly of mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETF's), we will not hesitate to add cash, CD's, treasuries, individual stocks, alternative investments or other financial instruments that provide additional diversification.


We generally limit positions to specific asset classes or sectors of the economy to 10% of the total portfolio, however we will at times allow a position grow to over 10% of the portfolio. Rebalancing of portfolios is initiated as it is warranted rather than at specific intervals.


We tend to be somewhat contrarian in our thinking. When the majority of Wall Street strategists and market pundits are giving the same investment advice regarding "where to invest" it is likely that we are already formulating our exit strategy or reducing allocations to those same areas. In the past few years, technology, housing, oil and financials have all experienced "bubbles" followed by busts. In our experience investors are too often encouraged by Wall Street to invest or to stay invested in a particular area after the bulk of the price appreciation has occurred.


We do not earn any commission from purchasing or selling any type of security in our client's accounts. Any change in investment allocation or other account activity is either for the purpose of improving our portfolio strategy, reducing risk, or account rebalancing.


Finally, it is our willingness to accept change and to be proactive which leads us to adapt our investment strategy. We take advantage of investment opportunities that we believe will perform well in the future, rather than assuming that those investments that have performed well in the past will continue to do so in the future. Of course no advisor can be correct all of the time. We, at Nordberg & VanDenBerg, immerse ourselves in objective research from a broad array of analysts and written publications that have proven their value through rising and falling markets. Overlaying our investment and economic outlook with the best thoughts and ideas from these sources helps us to separate the important data from short-term market noise and media spin. This allows us to analyze the most pertinent information, which is a necessary prerequisite to making decisions that affect our client's portfolios.


Information and strategies presented should not be construed as a guarantee of meeting stated objectives. Any information is not a complete summary or statement of all available data necessary for making investment decisions and does not constitute a recommendation. Strategies mentioned may not be suitable for all investors nor a guarantee of performance.

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